Christmas Magic Trick

"Jingle Bell Monte"

This christmas magic trick really sums up a lot about Julian's Magician School: it's easy to do, the props can be easily sourced from around the house or inexpensively at the local shops and it's a great little magic trick to share, which is perfect for Christmas, because Christmas is always a good time to put your ego aside for a few moments and give something of yourself. So this truly is a gift for the person who has everything: a magical secret.

This free magic trick is called Jingle Bell Monte which plays on the age old 3 Card Monte gambling game that is played on the streets in about every city across the world. There is no gambling involved here though, just the fun of trying to guess where the Jingle Bell is.

I cannot be assured that every country will have these little Jingle Bells available, but they are always available online. Unfortunately the postage will more than likely be more expensive than the bells.

Here's an important magic tip to take away from this trick: If you are trying to hide something in one hand, then "mirror" the positioning and gesture of this "dirty" hand with the the "clean hand". In simple english, look in the mirror and make sure your hands look the same. That way, undue attention is not drawn to one hand or the other, the attention is drawn to the action in between them. Get used to doing this. It will serve you well.

Here's some Christmas Jokes to help make this Christmas magic trick into a little festive performance.

  • Where does Santa go to learn how to get down chimneys? = A chimnasium

  • What did one snowman say to another snowman = Can you smell carrots?

  • What did Mary Poppins get for Christmas? = supercalafragalisticexpialli snowshoes

  • "No, Rudolph is NOT a horse with a TV antenna!"

  • What nationality is Santa? = He's North Polish

  • "It was so cold on Christmas Eve that Santa had to jump-start three of his reindeer!"

  • "One of Santa's little helpers was depressed because he had low elf-esteem."

  • What do you call a polar bear with ear muffs? = Nothing, he can't hear you

  • What do you call a chicken at the North Pole? = Lost!

  • Santa's cat swallowed a ball of wool and had mittens

And some Christmas Knock Knocks

  • Knock...who's there?...Holly...Holly who?...Holly-days are here again

  • Knock...who's there?...Wayne...Wayne who?...Wayne in a manger

  • Knock...who's there?...Hanna...Hanna who?... Hanna partidge in a pear tree

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