A Cut And Restored String Trick
That's Easy To Do ... at last!

The classic cut and restored string trick is another one of the beginner magic tricks that you will see written up in almost every kids magic book that you can find in the magic section of any library.

It's actually a very strong trick for something that requires so few props and magic props that are quite small. Why then do you rarely ever see someone perform it?

As with so many starting magic tricks, though they are taught in a reasonable manner, there is never any presentation provided with the technical instructions for the trick. If you have been following my tricks that I teach, you'll know that presentation of a trick not only can make it more fun and interesting, it provides you with a lot of opportunities to direct your audience's attention away from the sneaky stuff you don't them to see you do.

The classic cut and restored string trick is usually performed with a drinking straw as the secret cover, that goes over the string, and allows the trick to work. There are a couple of problems a straw presents

  1. It's often hard to feed the string through the drinking straw because of the narrowness of the straw
  2. The secret slot in the straw is most times too tight for the string to silently slot into, without making any sudden 'jolting' moves. This may not make sense to you yet, if you have never seen it, but you will see after watching the video.

Point number 2 is the main reason many people never try this. There is so much attention on the straw and the string, that it is very hard to disguise the sudden un-natural movent when you pull on the two ends of the cord.

With this original presentation I am giving you here, there is zero sudden movements, zero sound of the string scraping the sides of the tube, but, a lot of ways to make this an audience pleasing magic trick.

This presentation also lifts it way above a beginner's trick. You could use this in a small magic show and it would be a simple matter of customising the idea to suit your own needs. The paper tube doesn't need to be a magic wand, it could be a torture chamber and the string could be a person.. think of a good name and write your own story for this cut and restored string trick ....

Below the video you will find the download for the magic prop used in the magic video.

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