Easy Coin Trick

A perfect first magic trick for young children

I call this easy coin trick The Easiest Coin Trick in the World. Because it is is easy show it is perfect for younf children to learn. So learn it yourself then show it to someone younger. Magic is so much better when you share it around.

This is a great example of what magic really is. Show this trick to most people over the age of 8 and they will more than likely be able to work it out. The general consensus would be that it is not a great magic trick, in fact many would say pretty weak.

But show it to a 5 or 6 year old then explain how it's done. Watch their face as they have their first attempt and do it perfectly. They will beam a smile from ear to ear. That to me is magic. As I tell kids when I teach them magic and illusion in schools, magic is a feeling, and it can come in all shapes and sizes.

The very moment the child realizes he/she can do it, that is very magical. When showing it to kids, call the way you hold the coins to begin the trick a 'coin sandwich', as the name helps to provide young children with a very visual way to remember the setup of the trick.

This simple magic trick has the advantage that you can usually always find a bit of loose change lying around almost everywhere so you are set to go at anytime.

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