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Is there such a thing as easy sleight of hand? So many people shudder at the thought of trying to deceive an audience with just their bare hands and everyday objects. The pleasant answer is yes, there is sleight of hand that you can learn in a matter of minutes, and, if taught well, will enable you to perform magic in almost any situation. So hang in there, put a bit of belief in yourself and get ready to wow your friends. 2 in the hand one in the pocket Book by Lewis Ganson The routine I will show you in the video below is based on a principle of magic called 2 in the hand, 1 in the pocket.I don't know where it originated - they were probably doing this around the fire while sitting in the cave - but there was a small book produced in the late seventies called "Two in the Hand and one in the Pocket" by Lewis Ganson. It has a whole bunch of good information and ideas if you want to chase it up. The premise is simple: you have three objects, you put two in one hand and one in your pocket but upon opening your hand there are three again. There are so many variations to this because you can use almost any small object that you have at hand. Lollies (candy), pen caps, carrot chunks, nuts, paper balls. This also makes it an excellent impromptu trick. Once you know the principle you start seeing small objects in a new light.

There is only one technical move necessary - don't run off yet! - as it is super easy. It's technical name is the shuttle pass. Let's not call it that, let's call it the press your thumb against the object so it doesn't fall out of your hand move. Does that sound easier? Well that's the whole move in a nutshell. This easy sleight of hand move is the basis of so much really good magic. You will find it in the sponge ball and coin routines of many great magicians, but again, it is so, so easy to do.

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Once you have watched the video and learned the secret moves to this easy sleight of hand trick then, if you want to follow it up with more variations, let me suggest a really good routine for you. It's by a Colorado magician named Doc Eason who made a name for himself by being "the bar magician" at the famous Tower Bar in Snowmass, Colorado. He has used it for 30 plus years. I learnt it from him about 12 years ago and have used it almost every week since. The name of the routine is "ALL SCREWED UP" and it uses nuts and bolts like the ones you would find at a hardware store. Do a search for it and you will find it. The moves are different and you'll need to learn the Bobo Switch, but the way Doc teaches it with a particular object it is quite easy to accomplish. props for easy magic trick at Julian's Magician School So there really is a vast array of objects you can use. There is one proviso though: hard or metallic objects will make a noise when passed from hand to hand so you have to limit their use to noisy locations. Anywhere near traffic or masic is usually fine.

This is also a great little strolling magic routine at events. Quite often there are bowls of individually wrapped mints on display. Grab a handful and you are ready to go. What about the table I hear you ask? Get the people you are performing for to use their hands laid flat as your table. This is a great way to include people in your tricks which always makes for a better magical experience.

Also notice how I encourage the audience to engage in the trick by coaching them with the question, "What do you do if you get confused?" .... and the audience reply, "Start again!" This sets up the punch line at the end and creates a nice rythym to the trick.

So get started on this easy sleight of hand trick because it gets you comfortable working in front of an audience and quickly builds your self belief that you can do sleight of hand magic like the professional magicians.

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