Fun Magic Trick

Easy to do, Easy to Learn, Easy to Teach Others

Here's a fun magic trick that uses nothing more than some sheets of rolled up paper.

Why is is good?

  • You can perform it almost anywhere because you can almost always find some paper and a bit of sticky tape.

  • There are no issues with angles. You can be completely surrounded when you perform.

  • You can give it away. Not that anyone would really want to keep it but it is a nice gesture of giving that helps your audience like you a little more. Remember, the more your audience likes you, the more they will like your magic

  • It is fast, doesn't require your audience to remember anything and it is not another card trick. We all love card tricks but give your audience a bit of variety and they will thank you for it.
I have made mine with regular A4 paper, just like the paper you use in your computer's printer. The reason for that is so you can use the FREE Magic Wand Shell Download that I have made for you here. You get two to a sheet. I made it grey instead of black so it doesn't use too much of your ink.

I think though that this works better with newspaper. It seems to slide better and the leaves droop nicely. I'll leave it up to you what you do. You can learn the Giant Paper Tree here. You know when I first did this it was to a small group of younger school children and their parents. I was put on the spot to perform some magic and I had nothing with me. I easily found the paper and sticky tape and scissors. I just made up the story on the run and as I was tearing the tube of paper I was thinking to myself, "They are going to think this is really dumb." When the tree was pulled up is was all smiles and gasps and "that's cool!" To my surprise, audiences(both kids and adults), really like this.


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