Magic Rope Trick

"The Fastest Shoelace In The World"

This magic rope trick uses just a short length of rope. You don't cut it so you can repeat the same magic trick over and over with the same piece.

It's always good to give your audience a break from too many card tricks so this is a nice diversion. It's also great for entertaining young children. The presentation in the video is for little kids but just do it as straight magic for older audiences.

Hang on to this rope because in future at Julian's Magician School I'll show you more tricks that just use the one short rope. This means you can have it in your pocket or your backpack and in a moment's notice you can entertain a whole group of people. I use this same trick myself because I ALWAYS have this rope on me. Quite often I use it to draw a crowd if I am busking. If I am delayed starting a show and I need to fill a bit of time I can get about five minutes of entertainment out of it.

A lot of magician's rope (nothing tricky about it, just soft and pliable and it doesn't hurt your volunteers hands) you can buy requires you to "core" the rope before using it. This means you pull out the inside bit to make it a bit easier to handle. These tricks don't really require you to do that. Just any old piece of soft rope will do.

And if you cut the ends simply dip them into a bit of white paper or wood glue, smooth them off with your fingers and they will never fray at the ends again.

This magic rope trick and more back at Julian's Magician School

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