Magic Straw Trick

Psychic Straw

The magic straw trick or what I have named the Psychic Straw is perfect for an impromptu magic performance almost anywhere that drinks are sold.

As you will see in the video tutorial a piece of paper helps with the secret that makes this work. You can download the II EPI EPI I gag that I use in the video by clicking on the picture below.

II EPI EPI I  download at Julian's magician school

I have made this so you simply print it out on an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half. When you have the II EPI EPI I word facing the audience, you will see the words you have to say - INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE EXTRA PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION INTO ENIGMATIC PSYCHIC INCIDENCES OF IMPORTANCE - printed on the back, so there is no need to remember anything. That's why they are upside down when you print it out: when folded, they appear readable.

Of course you don't have to use this gag. You can write anything on the bit of paper. You just need to justify why you are holding a bit of paper with a straw in it. You could easily use the page from a magazine or newspaper in the restaurant. Just pretend to be reading an article on the side facing you that says ... "psychics are being issued with straws this week...oh look, there's one here" ... and continue into the trick.

Remember the pre wrapped straws are great. If you have one of those handy, you don't need to say anything except ..."Watch!" ...

With a bit of practise you can make the straw spin 360 degrees. Try it one handed too. I often find that is much better.

If you want another magic straw trick then go to Video #38, the Static Electricity Gun Trick.

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