Origami Magic Trick

The Instant Origami Magic Trick is another really good use for the Paper Bag Trick you might have seen earlier on at Magician School. There are many uses for this simple transformation device that are limited by only two factors: The size of the objects you place in the bag and your imagination. I will post more magic videos using this change bag soon.

If you haven't been to The Paper Bag Trick yet, make sure you do because there is a good lesson about showing the paper bag empty. I used the same principle in the Instant Origami Magic Trick. The $19.95 that I wrote on the bag is not there just as decoration. It gives me the motivation to shake out the bag as if I am looking for something else in there. I mean, surely for $19,95 I would have got more than two pieces of paper? So what I am doing is proving to you the bag is empty without actually saying it.

Why is that important? Because as soon as you say the bag is empty, you trigger a subconscious thought in your audience's mind that it is probably hiding something. You've immediately put your audience on alert, which makes it all the harder for you to do your deception.

I first got this idea from a Jay Sankey trick, which now I think about it, is called Instant Origami...oops! .. He can have it back if he really wants. His version used the thumb tip. A small piece of paper goes into your fist and voila! a small paper crane is resting in your hand. So there is another version you can do.

My intent here is to give you examples of how the Pop! change bag can be a terrific utility device. The one prop can be used in many different ways. This is something professional magicians look for in a trick. It means you have to pack and carry less. It also means that when your bags get lost in transit, you can make an emergency show up from bits you can find in the supermarket and hardware store. You will hear this sort of story from cruise ship magicians who have set sail and then been informed they are needed to do an extra, completely different show. They have only the ship to hunt around for impromptu props. Simple and easy saves the day here.

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