Plastic Bag Trick

"Brian the Daredevil Goldfish"

This plastic bag trick you are about to watch comes straight from the clever mind of a Julian's Magician School viewer on my Youtube channel. It was a just a small comment sent in response to my Video #33 Anxiety Test . As soon as I read it I thought wow, what a great idea. I think it's worth making a video to tell you about.

This is the comment:

"I did this at a kids party today and but put a piece of carrot in the bag with pins as eyes. I billed´╗┐ it as Brian the Dare Devil Goldfish! It was great thanks!"

It was sent in by hisdudeness666 from the United Kingdom. I contacted him to ask if I could make a new video and he seemed fairly surprised that I wanted to make a fuss over it.

It's worth making a fuss over because this is a great example of how a good idea with good presentation can lift a trick from average to well above average.

I haven't done it yet, but I know that if ever I was stuck without my magic props I could easily use this in a show. It's not super magic by any stretch of the imagination but it is entertaining. I would even explain to the audience how it works and that they can do it when they get home. I could get 5 minutes of stage time out of this plastic bag trick. I'll let you know when I try it.

I just decided to use the same method of making an impromptu goldfish that Mac King does in his Las Vegas fishing routine. He casts a line towards the audience and on the end appears a goldfish. In a wonderful routine he then ends up eating a piece of carrot he has shaped into a gold fish with his teeth. (When I saw him do this the audience clapped at this simple part which tells you a lot about what audiences really like.) A live goldfish then pops out of his mouth into a glass of water being held by the spectator.

Brian the Dare Devil Goldfish is not that spectacular but you will have some fun with this plastic bag trick.

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