This Simple Rope Trick
Will Get You Big Laughs

The Pop Off Knot

The Pop Off Knot is a very simple rope trick that is usually found as part of a much longer magic rope routine.

I reckon though that as a stand alone quick routine just to get a laugh - or even just a smile - from your audience it is hard to beat.

Is it easy to do? Sure is. Compared to tying your shoelaces this is a cinch.

I will teach you everything you need to know. Look below the video for extra tips and info.

You do not need to buy special magician's rope to do this simple rope trick. Just so you know magician's rope is just a plain soft cotton rope that is easy to handle.

The construction of the rope is called 'kernmantle' which I think is a German/Austrian word meaning and inner core wrapped by an outside sheath. That's just what it is: a hollow woven outside layer with a smaller tightly woven core of rope as the centre.

For most magical work you need to remove this inner core. That's easy to do; you simply brab the inside bit and pull, wriggle and cajole it out. What you are left with is a nice, soft floppy rope that is easy to handle.

The pop off knots does not require you to go out and source this rope. Soft floppy cord will work. You know the stuff, you might find it as the drawstring of your pyjama pants or an old pair of shoelaces often works well. Just watch the video then see what rope you can locate then give it a try. Eventually you will come up with something.

If you do want to use magicians rope then it is available at most online magic retailers. When you find a nice brand of rope you buy as much as you can because chances are it won't be in stock for long. I found this beautiful thick rope at Tannen's Magic based in New York. It is SO NICE to handle. Thank goodness I bought 2 rolls beacuse I've never seen it again, anywhere.

Now you don't have to worry about your audience worrying that you did not tie the knots in front of them. Because this simple rope trick is funny they will just enjoy the laugh. So again, this makes for a perfect comedy interlude between all your other card tricks. Remember magicians love card tricks but audiences don't love them as much. Something like this trick is the perfect bit of relief you and they need.

This makes for an excellent opener to the Fastest Shoelace In The World trick you learnt in one of the earlier magic videos. Since you end up with a single long piece of rope in your hands then you are ready to launch straight into another trick. There are more simple rope tricks coming up in future Julian's Magician School videos. The aim is to have you be able to entertain for 5 minutes just with a few short pieces of rope.

You may be wondering if this is worth learning? A very experienced and funny magician named Whit Hayden built a career upon this very trick. His routine is called the Mongolian Pop Knot and it has earned him a lot of money. I listen very carefully when Whit Hayden speaks.

Some of the other benefits of simple rope tricks are that they can be seen by a large number of people which makes them good to add to stage shows plus you can get spectators to hold the ends of the rope which gets you that all important audience participation that you should be including as often as you can.

In a future video I will show you how to bring the three pieces of rope into view in an untied state then tie the pop off knots in front of the audience. It's not hard either.

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